Vivien Tse is a passionate musician and music teacher, with a great love for teaching! She holds an ARCT Diploma in Piano Performance, a UBC bachelor’s degree in music, is a Royal Conservatory Certified Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced Teacher Specialist in both piano, theory, harmony, and history, and is a member of the Piano Teachers Federation. She has been teaching all levels of piano and theory since 2007, with a wealth of experience, having taught a wide range of students, from kids, teenagers, and adults, ranging from age 4 to 40!

Vivien has been playing piano for 30 years. She began learning piano at the tender age of 5, having grown up in the Royal Conservatory curriculum. In her high school and college years, she studied advanced-level piano and pedagogy under the late renowned piano pedagogue Edward J. Parker, and studied music at Capilano University and the University of British Columbia. She obtained her ARCT Piano Performance diploma in 2006 under the tutelage of Capilano Music professor and RCM examiner David Vandereyk. She began teaching piano and theory during her 4th year at UBC, during which time she discovered her passion for teaching music. She graduated from the University of British Columbia with a bachelor’s degree majoring in music in 2009. While Vivien is classically trained in piano, she is also an extremely versatile musician, being extremely fluent in a wide variety of other musical genres. In addition to piano, her other musical passions include singing and playing guitar.


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